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Self made man: I fix my z310i for miself (problems with cellphone)

A pedido de un lector, se republica la columna “Self made man: mi z310i lo arreglé yo solito", pero en inglés. Perdonen los horrores que cometa; hace mucho que no escribo ni hablo ininglish.

(Sorry about the orthographic horrors: i’m out of training)

Hi everyone. After more than a month without posting (if you don’t have anything to write, write nothing), we came back with our special section “technology makes me a cyborg”; dedicated to all those housewives who want to fix al things for themselves.

About a month ago my cellphone died. A Sonyericsson z310i. I swear not to buy this f***ing brand anymore. When i buy another cellphone, i will think in Nokia.

Ok. The display was not working. The intern display, the extern was doing fine. So, first of all, I took a look into web forums. I realize that it could be a flex issue or a software issue (if where a soft issue, you have to flash: reinstall the original firmware). I choose the second choice, even knowing that is dangerous.

To do this you need an usb cable for the z310i, bessides the usb drivers. I bought one of those in “mercadolibre” (is like ebay, but local): $U 115 (5 dollars). I found the original firmware. And THAT is "un huevo". It took me more than 3 hours of web searching in specialized pages (not 3 hours of google search; 3 hours in specialized pages. You can realize the difference). But I get it. A guy got it in his windows sky drive. ¿Where? Here. Look out: the guy on the video warns you “you go for your own, under your own risk".

Let’s do a review
1) usb cable for z310 (dcu-60) and usb drivers for z310i (tose are for connect the cellphone to the pc. Search it in the web: is not too hard to get)

2) original z310 firmware

3) flashing software.

You need to know if your z310i is cid51, cid52 o cid53 (i don’t know what the f**k is it, but it seems that if you f***ed up useing a firmware that not match with your specific phone, “bye bye my love”. Another "detail”: beware of electric current off in the middle of flash process. If this happens, trow the cellphone away. 99% for sure it brokes, and you can’t flash it again.

Summarizing. I could flash the phone, but that was not the problem. My problem was the flex. I bought a new one in mercadolibre, and i switch it for myself.

Here is the link with the manual of arming and dismarming. And here the link of a site that have tons of things for SE. Also check this.

“That’s all, folks”

And of course, Up the Irons!!!

PD (check this) There is a tutorial (in spanish): how to flash your SE W810. I could help you, if you get the firmware for your own phone. This  is a video tutorial (also in spanish). And THAT is the real shit.

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